Yeh Hai Chahatein: Yuvraj escapes from the hospital

Rudra requests the proprietor from the bistro and he lets him know that Tarun did putting the flyers. Rudra lets the investigator know that he thinks Dev must’ve sent Tarun. Preesha tells she would rather not record a grumbling and hauls Rudra along. The chief sees Saransh beating Dev and shouts at him about his way of behaving. Rudra asks Preesha for what valid reason she didn’t document a protest and she says they have no strong verification it was Dev. She gets a call from the chief requesting that she come to the City medical clinic.

Yuvraj is approached to cover the bill since he has been released and is taken steps to be shipped off the prison on the off chance that he didn’t pay by 4pm. Rudra and Preesha arrive at the medical clinic where Principal illuminates them that Dev is conceded at an emergency clinic on the grounds that Saransh actually attacked Dev. In the wake of seeing the video of the battle they are stunned and Saransh educates them that Dev was passing vijay remarks concerning Preesha. Revati strolls in and asks what befell her child and ones she figures out she questions Saransh.

Dev sees his mom and chooses to go about as though he’s truly harmed and harms himself with a blade. Preesha makes sense of for Revathi what all has occurred till now and about his suspension. She denies all that she heard brings up it’s actually off-base for him to be pounded, when they hear Dev shout. Yuvraj hits the ward kid and escapes. Revathi vows to place Saransh in prison and asks the cop to capture him leaving Preesha and Rudra in shock.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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