World Senior Citizen’s Day: A pictorial celebration of an elderly couple’s lasting love

How would you characterize love? In the current age, the meaning of genuine romance has changed altogether when contrasted with what it was previously. This World Senior Citizen’s Day, we take you through an unceasing romantic tale of an older couple: 88-year-old Ram Dayal Malik and 84-year-old Satyawati Malik, who are reclassifying how we see genuine affection.

In this endearing photograph series named ‘Interminable Love’ by expert photographic artist Niraj Gera, we return to what it is to cherish and be adored, unequivocally and everlastingly.

“I was hypnotized by their science. There is such a lot of warmth in their relationship; it was spectacular for me. They were extremely responsive to present like a heartfelt couple, which is typically exceptionally uncommon in this age bunch. During our discussion, I understood the profundity of their affection, common arrangement and regard for one another. I took no time in settling on a choice that I should chip away at an undeniable pictorial article with them where they share their insider facts behind the life span of their relationship without losing the sentiment,” Gera several has been hitched for more than 57 years. Regardless the current talk of flighty sentiments, they keep on excess energetic and delicate towards one another’s feelings.

In a discussion with, the picture taker said, “I chose to push forward with this photograph series since I accept that they can really be a good example for youthful couples who can’t support their relationship or warmth in the relationship for a long period.”Ram Dayal Malik said, “Love isn’t just about actual closeness and embracing. It’s likewise about regarding your accomplice at home and out in the open. Such certifiable regard offers wings to your affection and holds nothing back.”Satyawati Malik accepts, “Common arrangement, confidence and devotion are the establishment of a favored life and relationship. Assuming both the accomplices instill these ethics, the relationship becomes everlasting”.

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