Vinit Kakar roped in for a double role in ‘Radhakrishn: Krishn- Arjun Gatha’

Vinit Kakar has captivated the watchers with his splendid acting aptitudes throughout the long term. The Entertainer who will assume the part of Ashwatthama in the legendary show ‘Radhakrishn-Krishn-Arjun Gatha’ is good to go to assume one more function in the show. According to the most recent media report, Vinit will assume a twofold function in the show and has been roped in to assume the part of Takshaka also.

Addressing the Hours of India, Vinit shares that Mahabharata is one of the epic and most adored fanciful stories and each character of the story has it’s own significance and worth. He added that he is fortunate to have the chance of investigating two unique characters simultaneously in a similar show.

Discussing his character, Vinit uncovered that Takshaka is a totally negative job and he was the lord of snakes, who lived in the city named Takshasila. It was the region of the Kuru family however was illicitly taken by the snakes. He referenced that the two his characters were impacted by Shakuni to help Duryodhana.

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