Udaariyaan: Tejo doubts Jasmine and Fateh

Tejo and Angad passing on to track down the whereabouts of Jasmine. Jasmine then again is caught in Hairpura. The driver passes on the vehicle to look for help. Fateh is too trapped in Haripura in view of weighty precipitation. A gathering of eve-secrets undermine Jasmine and begin tapping the vehicle’s safeguard. As they enter the vehicle, Jasmine races to save herself from getting attacked. Tejo figures Jasmine should be in Haripura as Fateh and Amrik were there the previous evening.

The following day, Tejo showed the photograph of Jasmine to local people. Tejo and Angad spot Fateh conveying Jasmine in his arms and dropping her in a taxi. Jasmine clears up for Tejo how the earlier night a few secrets ran behind her. Fateh battled with them and carried Jasmine to a nearby house there as she swooned. The following day, they awakened, and the following thing was Fateh dropping him in the taxi. Tejo, Angad, and Jasmine leave for Rupy’s meeting. Jasmine demands Tejo to excuse Fateh. Tejo lets Jasmine know that she definitely will if by some stroke of good luck Fateh apologizes first.

Jasmine figures her association with Amrik will help Fateh and Tejo’s association. At the convention, Rupy and Khushbeer meet. They brag their graciousness to win the decisions. In the mean time, Tejo spots Jasmine. Jasmine tells she just came to help their dad here. Angad spots Jasmine it Khushbeer’s tent to enter. Jasmine wishes to chat with Amrik however he leaves till she arrives at there. In a negligible portion of a second, Fateh enters the tent and Jasmine is sure, hopefully not by mistake, that Amrik is in the tent. Jasmine tells ‘I love you’ to Fateh thinking he is Amrik. Jasmine attempts to cause Fateh to comprehend that Tejo will pardon him assuming he is sorry once. Tejo hears them talking and thinks there is something between them.

The episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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