TMKOC: Jethalal ruins his success party

Popatlal begins hitting the dance floor with the container, and afterward Jethalal takes the jug from him, saying he might drop it. Taarak says prior to starting the party, they should set the state of mind with verse. The men become invigorated and share verse to kick their party off. Hansraj requests that Sodhi request food from his companion’s café, to which the last option says assuming he arranges food unexpectedly early, it will go flat.

Popatlal prevents Sodhi from making the stake and requests that Bhide serve the alcohol similarly among all, yet the last option won’t do as such. Jethalal says he will serve it, however a rodent crosses from his toe, and he tosses the jug out of shock. Purush Mandal feels crippled and faults Popatlal for not cleaning his home. Popatlal faults Bhide for not giving irritation control administrations being the Secretary of Gokuldham society.

Afterward, Jethalal considers getting another container, however Iyer requests that he assist with cleaning the alcohol first. Everybody clears the floor individually. Jethalal calls his companion to arrange another jug however discovers that the bar is shut. Sodhi calls his companion and discovers that he is out of the station and can not help. Popatlal calls his contact and discovers that he just has an eatery permit and can not convey at home.

Sodhi recommends Popatlal pay off that café proprietor, yet the last option denies doing it as he is a columnist who remains against debasement. Hansraj gets ravenous and requests that Jethalal request some food. Taarak proposes joining Mahila Mandal as they are dropping their arrangement of drinking. In the flight of stairs, Hansraj says their spouses would ridicule them subsequent to learning reality. Sodhi adjusts his perspective and says they ought not surrender. He removes Purush Mandal from Gokuldham society for “party-sharty”.

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