They should be ashamed of themselves…: Adhyayan Suman reacts to ‘suicide report

The pattern of coursing counterfeit news has thumped Shekhar Suman’s entryway as a news channel has reported his child Adhyayan Suman’s ‘self destruction’. Taking to Twitter, Shekhar Suman called the revealing ‘inexcusably reckless’ and said that he will be making a lawful move.

The channel’s online area sent Shekhar Suman an expression of remorse for the spread of deception and mentioned him to withdraw his tweets denouncing the channel’s flighty report on his child.

Adhyayan, upon his new spotting, was gotten some information about the course of his phony demise news and said, “This is something disgraceful. I was in Delhi when I began getting calls from individuals. A large number of them began freezing and I didn’t answer many calls. My mother was got a monstrous stun since she could barely handle it. I at last addressed her telephone. Indeed, even I’m stunned. I’m actually getting calls.”

He was completely irritated by the spread of deception and added, “This is so off-base and for what reason would somebody compose something like this about me. I’m content with my life. How might somebody talk like this about another person’s life? They ought to be embarrassed about themselves.”

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