The Big Picture: Ranveer Singh gifts Vrushali a Manish Malhotra lehenga

Ranveer Singh enters the stage and pokes a fun at his outfit. Later this, he invites Vrushali in front of an audience. Ranveer Singh lets everybody know that Vrushali is a transport conductor who is breaking generalizations. Ranveer gets enthusiastic in the wake of finding out with regards to Vrushali’s battle during her beginning years. Ranveer gets some information about her family, then, at that point, Vrushali acquaints her life partner with Ranveer Singh. Ranveer Singh begins prodding her life partner and requests that he come on the stage. Ranveer made her life partner dance on the stage and cautioned him that following multi month his significant other will make him dance.

Everybody begins giggling, then, at that point, Vrushali enlightens Ranveer Singh regarding her moniker Laal Sherni. Ranveer Singh liked her work. Ranveer Singh likewise gives a shock to Vrushali by calling her family. Vrushali gets passionate and lets her family know that she will come in the wake of winning the show. Then, at that point, Ranveer Singh tells her the principles of the show. He educates Vrushali regarding the helps she will get during the show. Vrushali offers responses no sweat. Between the game, Ranveer requested that Vrushali tie rakhi on his hand. Ranveer calls her life partner on the stage and embraces the two of them.

Vrushali advises Ranveer that she needs to welcome him to her wedding. She then, at that point, hands Ranveer the card for her wedding. Ranveer praises her sizzling blue wedding card. Ranveer lets Vrushali know that he has a present for her. He then video calls Manish Malhotra and Manish lets Vrushali know that he will gift her an uncommonly planned lehenga for her wedding. Vrushali gets enthusiastic and says thanks to Manish and Ranveer.

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