The art of being Pratik Gandhi: ‘Characters come and go but I have to live with myself’

Pratik Gandhi is today a Bollywood saint. The trick star, who wowed the crowd and the pundits the same with his advancement execution in Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story last year, has recently delivered his first Bollywood film as a main man. Bhavai has hit the venues last month and Gandhi’s work is once more procuring great surveys. “I began dealing with Bhavai even before Scam. Truth be told, got my call for Scam while going for Bhavai!” jokes the entertainer who is by all accounts now on a legend’s excursion, plainly, and that too a Bollywood one! He is playing the lead inverse Tapsee Pannu in Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan and afterward there is Dedh Bigha Zameen, a movie delivered by his Scam chief Hansal Mehta.

Yet, the entertainer, who has effectively worked in a large number of Gujarati motion pictures, remembering playing the lead for the 2016 National Award-winning film, Wrong Side Raju, isn’t in the race to sign each film that is coming his direction. “I check out the content and story and obviously the chief’s vision. Since that is the thing that that truly makes the story. I would rather not put myself in a container; henceforth there is a cognizant work to make an alternate person each time.” He is likewise intensely mindful of the crowd’s assumptions post his Scam achievement. “Each undertaking couldn’t in any way, shape or form be of a similar level, however essentially I ought not be baffling the crowd,” he reasons. “I don’t let the tension of assumptions overload me and prevent me from testing. I need to be essential for fascinating stories, I need to take up projects where I can gain some new useful knowledge,” says the actor.But separated from crowd’s assumptions, there is another flipside of distinction! Presently he is a known face. One of the numerous things that worked for him in Scam is that he was a genuinely obscure name to the Hindi film crowd and could without much of a stretch become Harshad Mehta, not at all like somebody like an Abhishek Bachchan. There were not really some other reference focuses for the crowd when it came to Gandhi. “Indeed, that is an interesting part for an entertainer once he turns into a famous face. That is the reason it is my cognizant work to ensure that every single job of mine appears to be unique.” He says bringing up that while an entertainer can’t change his actual elements for each job try to attempt to interpret the feelings in an unexpected way. “There is my actual self which I can’t change. Be that as it may, I can change my passionate self, with each character. Also, the manner in which I approach those feelings. What you see will not be unique yet what you feel will be unique and past a point what you see will not make any difference. It’s an extremely slim line and a troublesome work.

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