Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Goli worries about Pompom

Anjali asks Taarak what’s he thinking. He tells the feline has made a great deal of issues where Popatlal is requesting that Bheede leave. Anjali concurs and requests that he converse with Popatlal. He tells there’s no utilization as even Bheede is resolute now and tells the main arrangement is to get the feline out of the general public. Roshan tells she’s terrified of the feline and marvels when they’ll track down it. Sodhi requests that she unwind as he’ll go get it and leaves. Gogi stops him and lets him know that nothing will occur. He inquires as to whether he knows where the feline is and Gogi tells no and petitions protect Pompom.

Bheede tells the feline should be found. Madhavi tells felines and canines kee entering the general public. He tells Popatlal doesn’t get it. Sonu asks him for what valid reason’s he treating Popatlal’s words so in a serious way as he talked out of frustration. He tells in the event that he doesn’t observe the feline until tomorrow he’ll leave. Sonu thinks Pompom is blameless. Komal tells on the off chance that the feline stays in the house, it’ll make issues and Haathi concurs. Goli thinks about what will occur. While everybody’s resting, a canine enters the clubhouse and finds tuft.

Goli awakens from his fantasy and stresses and goes to determine the status of Pompom. Komal and Haathi find him opening the entryway. He tells he was simply looking at the way to ensure the vehicle doesn’t enter. They nod off and Goli slips away the house. He arrives at clubhouse and doesn’t track down Pompom and panics. He then, at that point, tracks down Pompom and murmurs with help and makes it lights-out time for Pompom.

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