Sundar Lal’s Cryptic Hints Makes Jethalal Queasy!

The forthcoming scenes of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC), created by Neela Film Creations Private Restricted, are an out of the typical arrangement of frequencies. Sundar Lal who has gained notoriety for putting Jethaa Lal in peril, makes an unrehearsed visit to Mumbai however doesn’t visit his brother by marriage house. Rather over a call, he educates Jethaa Lal that he needs to break some news to him and argues that they meet outside in an open space and not at home.

Everything starts when Jethaa Lal gets a call from Sundar Lal who is sounding restless and terrified. Sundar Lal requests him to move away from the presence from anybody around and converse with him in separation. He at that point weaves expressions of tension creation Jethaa Lal concerned and dubious. Jethaa Lal is practically sure that Sundar Lal must experience again gotten into difficulty with somebody whom he owes cash. However, even that uncertainty is settled by Sundar Lal who explains that on the off chance that it were about cash, he essentially would’ve called him as opposed to going right to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. He at that point educates Jethaa Lal that he needs to trust something so genuine that the best way to do it was meeting only him and in-person however not at home.

What is Sundar Lal going to reveal to Jethaa Lal? Is this something truly genuine or is it one of his tricks? Will Jethaa Lal take the trap once more? Obviously, there is something other than what’s expected about Sundar Lal’s mien however its absolutely impossible to tell in the event that it implies cerebral pain for Jethaa Lal or if it’s something that take him leap with euphoria. In one or the other case, watchers can expect a major amazement pressed in a collection of giggling and parody that will leave them in parts.

To know how, watch Neela Film Creations Private Restricted’s show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah from Monday to Friday at 8:30pm just on SAB television.

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