Ssharad Malhotra opens up on whether he will be a part of ‘Bigg Boss 15’

Subsequent to producing 14 romping seasons after some time, Bigg Boss is good to go to be back with another season soon and this time the idea and length is greater and higher individually. The show will be running for a half year where it will initially be dispatched as a solitary OTT show with a bunch of candidates, and later will start circulating on TV obviously. A couple of candidates from the OTT form will cause it to the genuine season and that will to be chosen by the watchers.

While this is tied in with having and choosing the rundown of normal people entering the show, it is consistently about the information and buzz about the VIPs bring a piece of the show that is the thing that is important to the fans. Numerous names have been springing up with respect to who will be a piece of the show this year around yet scarcely any name has been settled at this point.

On those lines, entertainer Ssharad Malhotra was likewise inquired as to whether he would do Bigg Boss 15, and he has an answer prepared. Discussing it with Pinkvilla, Malhotra said, “Bigg Boss is an awesome show facilitated by Salman Khan. The relational dramatization and battles produce a ton of crowd interest. Individuals begin knowing you more by your genuine name than the person name. I’ve been offered ‘Bigg Boss’ before however by one way or another I didn’t think about it and as of now I have no plans of taking it up. However, never say never.”

We are certain his fans couldn’t imagine anything better than to consider him to be the show as they would will see Malhotra in his crude self.

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