Spy Bahu’s Sana Sayyad & Sehban Azim reveal how Kareena Kapoor came on board as a narrator

Sana Sayyad and Sehban Azim are two of the notable names of the little screen. These two have completed a few shows and have a good fan following. Since the time the promotion of their new show Spy Bahu went live, fans can’t stay cool as a cucumber and have been as eager and anxious as ever for the show to start. Before that occurs, we got an opportunity to cooperate with the lead entertainers only and they talked their hearts out. However, one thing that has gotten a ton of notice in the promotion is the way that Kareena Kapoor Khan is introducing the show.

When Sehban Azim and Sana Sayyad were asked how did Kareena Kapoor Khan come ready and have they met her? Their eyes gleamed with fervor and joy. Sehban uncovered that he has met Kareena and it was him who inquired as to whether the 3 Idiots entertainer would do this for the show and she promptly concurred. Hindering in center, Sana uncovered that it was on the grounds that Sehban’s more youthful sibling’s name is additionally Taimur.

Sehban jested that after Kareena Kapoor Khan came to be familiar with this reality she was much more joyful and this is the manner by which he addressed the entertainer. Sana Sayyad talked about Kareena further and said, “It’s no joking matter for me… She is a women’s activist and she is very you realize like gruff and wo jo bolti hai ekdum fatak se mu pe. Bebo will be Bebo and everyone knows her for that. Furthermore, for an individual like Kareena Kapoor Khan to underwrite a TV program itself has made a buzz on the grounds that Bebo jaisa insaan is lauding the show and she likewise liked the way that a young lady’s playing a crude specialist and a covert operative so I am truly cheerful about that and ya that is what she truly like about the show.”

Discussing Spy Bahu, it annals the uncommon romantic tale between a youthful covert operative named Sejal and a presumed psychological oppressor, Yohan. Their lives veer off in a strange direction as they experience passionate feelings for one another careless in regards to one another’s world. Both Sejal and Yohan are holding onto mysteries and going to face a challenge that will represent the deciding moment their relationship. It likewise stars well known entertainers Parineeta Borthakur, Ayub Khan, Shobha Khote, Bhavna Balsavar among others.

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