Spy Bahu: Sejals family reaches Delhi

police arrive at the school. Yohan lashes at them yet Arun stops him. The police begin examining. Arun lets the guests know that there should be some disarray. The officials go higher up. Yohan and Sejal follows them. They open the entryway where Sohail is stowing away. The officials apologize to Arun. Arun pours his apprehension on him as they accompanied bogus data. Yohan ponders where Sohail is. Sejal hits with Yohan while he was conversing with somebody about Sohail. Drishti and Yohan leave the school. Sejal observes Sohail caught in a drum. Sohail battles to get away.

Sejal illuminates Tanhaji that she has gotten Sohail. Suryakant acclaims her for getting a plane. Sejal becomes passionate about Farheen and lets her sir know that is everything is for her family and sibling. The officials get Sohail. Sejal misses Jamnagar and her loved ones. Simultaneously, her family arrives at the school. Sejal is stunned. Minal inquires as to whether she is concealing anything. Arun is worried over his picture as the news turns into a web sensation. Sejal lets her family know that she left the lodging. Shalini proposes Arun orchestrate Drishti’s marriage alongside the other 50 young ladies. Arun is persuaded by her thought.

Sejal illuminates Tanhaji that her family is here in Delhi. Sejal requests a house so she can conceal her main goal. Yohan arrives at school to track down Sohail. He illuminates somebody available for any emergencies that Sohail is vital to find as he most likely is aware numerous mysteries and the Kashmir mission is deficient without him. Tanhaji requests that Sejal stand by and he will orchestrate a house. As Yohan is going to leave, Minal and Saras accept him as the driver. Yohan checks out at Sejal with red hot eyes. Yohan requests that Sejal illuminate them what his identity is.

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