Spy Bahu: Farheed dies in a bomb blast

Sejal getting the transport and following that man. Sejal calls that man ‘Bhai’ and the bus stations. Tanhaji and Suryakant arrive at the objective and request that Farheed emerge from the transport. Sejal’s mother by marriage insults Minal that Sejal ran with her adoration. Baa tells Minal that Sejal made such a grave stride as she isn’t her blood. Farheed holds Sejal and gunpoints at her. He requests that the police move to one side. Suryakant and Tanhaji requests that Farheed leave Sejal. He goes out. That house impacts and Sejal gets harmed.

Minal gets the insight about the bomb impact. Sejal gets cognizant and thinks back the times enjoyed with Farheed in their experience growing up. Suryakant illuminates her that the one who kicked the bucket in the impact was his sibling Farheed Mirza. Minal and Saras arrive at the medical clinic. They tell her that she really want not wed Jatin until she needs to. They offer Sejal her number one eggs simply the manner in which she prefers them. Sejal can’t resist the urge to consider Farheed. Sejal leaves from that point and gets in the shower. She watches the recording and finds Yohan behind the bomb impact. Shalini and Sher plan something.

Sejal sees a deception of Mahira Mirza. She requests that Sejal rebuff the person who killed Farheed. Mahira proposes she tell everything to Minal and Saras yet Sejal denies it. Sejal tells that she came for the mission misleading her folks however she can’t conceal things from them. She lets Sejal know that this is the time she works on something for the Mirza family. Sejal notices more youthful Mahira coming to her. She hands Sejal a photograph of Yohan and inquires as to whether she will rebuff him. Sejal guarantees her that she will rebuff Yohan.

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