Shiva lashes out at Raavi; Gautam gets stressed in ‘Pandya Store’

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting very intriguing with each passing scene. The current track of the show rotates around developing contrasts among Shiva and Raavi. Gautam and the Pandya siblings have chosen to do an extraordinary pooja for Gautam and Dhara’s child for which they need to walk 25 kilometers without taking breaks.

In the impending scene, Raavi attempts a dress and looks in the mirror. Shiva enters, Raavi asks him his assessment on the dress. Shiva shouts at Raavi and reveals to her that he isn’t equipped for lauding her magnificence in familiar English like his companions in the market were doing. Raavi attempts to cause him to comprehend her perspective however he doesn’t move. Raavi reveals to him that she is attempting her level best to make their marriage work, however she would need Shiva’s support too. Shiva barges out saying she shouldn’t adapt to him. Raavi stays upset.

Dev sees Raavi baffled and converses with her. Raavi states that Shiva has consistently been battling with her since her youth. Before Raavi could finish the sentence, Shiva catches it and misconstrues her. He expresses that she shouldn’t direct similar sentiments toward everybody on the planet. Raavi and Dev attempt to talk yet to no end. Raavi gets back to her room, Shiva turns off the light. Raavi staggers and falls on Shiva. Shiva disposes of the actual vicinity leaving Raavi baffled.

Suman gets some information about the explanation of his concern. He expresses that he is concerned as the pooja is very troublesome. Suman advises him to leave everything on God. Anita blends oil in with water in the pots.

Moreover, as the family strolls towards the sanctuary, the water in the pot begin to spill. Anita smiles imagining that, there will be no water in the pot after arriving at the sanctuary.

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