Shamita Shetty is extremely close to winning Bigg Boss 15 trophy: Akanksha Puri

Entertainer Akanksha Puri has faith in calling spade a spade and tries to avoid beating around the bush. Puri, who is good to go to enter the Bogg Boss 15 house as a challenger, is outfitted to siphon up the competitors and get them out of their sleep. Conversing with Pinkvilla, Akanksha talked with regards to her involvement with the house, her self anticipated BB victor and why she feels fit to be a piece of Bigg Boss 16. “I have been after this season on and off. At whatever point I get a possibility, I watch the show. It’s my top choice and I would rather not pass up it by any means,” said Akanksha.

Discussing how the BB house helps increment persistence and resistance level of candidates, Akanksha said, “I have seen everyone have a breakdown or an emergency in the house. The house is to such an extent that individuals will have a weak second and how!”

She added, “We have seen Nishant Bhatt and Shamita Shetty from the OTT and surprisingly in the principle Bigg Boss season, they also have had their low minutes in the house notwithstanding doing the OTT form as of now. On that note, I some way or another vibe Shamita Shetty is actually quite near the prize. I have been pulling for her from the outside as well. She’s actual vocal and has conducted herself effortlessly in the show. So I genuinely accept she is near the prize.”

Discussing Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra’s growing sentiment, Akanksha communicated how both are lovely together however that it is their relationship that is debilitating their singular game also. “Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra are an incredibly attractive couple however I feel that Tejaswi has a ton of potential as a person in the game. Karan has facilitated such countless shows, unscripted TV dramas and has an encounter with respect to how unscripted TV dramas are, so there is no correlation with his blueprint. Be that as it may, Tejaswi, I feel notwithstanding having a lot more ability is falling behind a result of her relationship. She can’t totally zero in on her game. I feel connections can be managed external the house too yet the present moment it is essential to zero in on the game and triumph.”

The Calendar Girl entertainer appears to have been powerful irritated with BB 15 competitor Abhijeet Bichukale. The entertainer likewise needs the contenders to up their game and not resemble Abhijeet.

“One individual who has been irritating me the most is Abhijeet Bichukale. I mean yesterday when he yawned infront of Salman Khan, I lost it. I mean assuming that you are truly languid, then, at that point, it’s better you return home,” she said.

Akanksha further discussing her job as a challenger said, “We, the challengers, have the pats on the head indeed over the contenders in the house since we can give them assignments, we can get them to do what we need. They were sleeping like Abhijeet and we are here to energize them and wake them from their sleep.”

The entertainer who has been offered the unscripted TV drama for at some point presently, couldn’t take it up prior due to earlier expert responsibilities. Be that as it may, Akanksha is feeling finished to take it up this time whenever offered once more. Discussing it, she said, “I have seen the house so intently now. I can say that it looks simple to be a piece of the show from outside yet it is truly extreme inside the house. It’s difficult to remain secured in the house, testing your understanding yet I couldn’t want anything more than to respond to the call.”

She additionally added that she would like to be as genuine as possible, no matter what, “I might truly want to be genuine as I can be. I, in actuality, as well, have no channel by any stretch of the imagination. Great, awful, mean, kind I am all on the face. Unscripted TV dramas scarcely have genuine individuals these days and I am fortunately from the minority. I am and will keep on being genuine, no matter what.”

It is supposedly said that a ton numerous entertainers dread their own life being out totally for public utilization, assuming they take part in the show and consequently cease from doing Bigg Boss. Akanksha who consents to this likewise says that, an individual of note ought to be ready and in a manner acknowledge that his own life can absolutely hoard all the spotlight and be in the public glare constantly.

“We are entertainers and when we become well known individuals, our own lives will undoubtedly be in the media glare. We must be ready for it. In the event that you are not ready to allow your own life to get into the media, I think then, at that point, it’s smarter to avoid partaking in such unscripted TV dramas. You must be sufficiently able to manage whatever the result is then, at that point,” said the entertainer.

Akanksha alongside Surbhi Chandna, Vishal Singh and Munmun Dutta entered as challengers today to brighten up the show and get contenders out of their carelessness.

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