Shaadi Mubarak’s Rajeshwari Sachdev quits the show as she was unhappy with her track?

After Rajshree Thakur, presently entertainer Rajeshwari Sachdev has likewise stopped the show Shaadi Mubarak. In a stunning piece of information, it is uncovered that the entertainer who assumed the part of Kusum Kothari in the show has quit. The show Shaadi Mubarak has been engaging the crowd right from the start. As per The Hours of India report, entertainer Rajeshwari Sachdev has left Shaadi Mubarak show refering to the explanation that she isn’t content with her continuous track.

As indicated by TOI, sources said that she was not content with her track and had additionally educated the producers regarding the equivalent. The entertainer is additionally not going to the sets since months. Right now, in the show, the track is showing that Rajeshwari is experiencing ovarian disease and has traveled to another country for treatment. This itself indicates that she isn’t a piece of the show any longer. Yet, the producers are not looking through her substitution.

Rajeshwari, who has been important for some hit TV programs, has engaged the crowds with her character Kusum Kothari and her comical inclination.

Discussing the equivalent to The Hours of India, Rajeshwari said that she has taken a break from the show for quite a while. She didn’t share any insights regarding the news. Rajeshwari frequently directs live meetings with her significant other Varun Badola. “Presently, I have time, Varun and I will be all the more live with our melodic evenings. I’m glad that individuals like our jugal bandi,” she added.

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