Sen & sensibility: In conversation with Konkona Sen Sharma

Mayukh Majumdar converses with Konkona Sen Sharma, who is winning approvals for her grit act in the grasping series Mumbai Diaries.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s most recent web-series, Mumbai Diaries, has been acquiring rave audits via online media and has as of now become a pundits’ top choice. Mumbai Diaries manages the predicament of clinical experts during the 26/11 psychological oppressor assaults in the city. Alongside the Taj Palace and Leopold Café, Mumbai’s CAMA emergency clinic had likewise seen the most noticeably awful of the 26/11 assaults. There was news around then with regards to specialists and medical caretakers conveying infants peacefully while the emergency clinic was overwhelmed by psychological oppressors. Konkona assumes the part of the emergency clinic’s social administrations chief, Chitra Das in the show. Konkona’s person is the survivor of homegrown maltreatment which leaves her nearly injured with dread and injury. Simultaneously, she routinely imagines her patients’ perspective and assists them with having more joyful existences. And afterward, obviously, 26/11 occurs and Chitra Das needs to adapt to the situation close by her associates. In this genuine meeting, Konkona discusses her person’s development, the assaults on specialists in government emergency clinics, the politicization of the “soul of Mumbai” and how it is just in snapshots of dread, that one can show fortitude.

Let us know a little with regards to your person, Chitra Das?

Chitra Das is the social administrations head of a medical clinic. She has a clinical foundation however she isn’t a specialist. As we probably are aware, on 26/11, many individuals made a special effort, to help other people. She is one of these individuals. She is additionally somebody who is managing a ton of psychological weight from an earlier time. Furthermore, strangely, what I enjoyed about her, is that she is somebody who is defenseless and through the process of everything working out needs to beat it. Also, she goes through a specific development where she can show colossal fortitude before the finish of the period.

Entertainers say they can truly chomp into their characters in the OTT space since they’re given sufficient opportunity to get comfortable. On account of Mumbai Diaries, how does Chitra develop? Since the series happens over a couple of days.

Chitra goes from a place of weakness to a place of solidarity. Individuals who are valiant are really individuals who are terrified. It’s a decision to be fearless since, in such a case that you’re not terrified, then, at that point, it’s no biggie. However, assuming you are frightened and you are powerless, and you go to a place of mental fortitude, that requires valiance and that is the thing that occurs with Chitra. In a show like this, which is over simply an issue of not many hours or days, there’s not a great deal of time to do character improvement. That is to say, you can show subtleties of the person and so forth yet it’s anything but a person dramatization. It’s practically similar to a thrill ride on the grounds that there are situation transpiring simultaneously. Furthermore, outrageous occasions at that. In this way, in a series, you normally have the space to dig into characterisation, go into fringe characters and meticulously describe the situation yet here, on the grounds that we have picked a period stamp on everything, it’s an altogether different sort of a show. It’s a person based show, it’s a clinical dramatization which has the sensation of a thrill ride.

In the show, the specialists are chipping away at the casualties of the fear assaults and furthermore on the psychological militants liable for such annihilation and obliteration.

I feel that is something vital that Nikhil Advani is saying through the series, that specialists have really made a vow and they should save all living souls on the scene. They shouldn’t check out the ethical quality of an individual, the shade of their skin, their calling or regardless of whether they are lawbreakers. Furthermore, it should be so hard for the specialists, when they can see that the existences of their associates and their friends and family have been influenced by these psychological militants. In any case, from a more extensive perspective, I’d say that in any ER on the planet, specialists should react to human existence. They shouldn’t ask what religion you are from, what your station is. They ask you what your blood bunch is and what your hypersensitivities are. The other stuff is for the equity framework to manage. Specialists need to save lives. The courts and peace and lawfulness need to manage its remainder.

At the point when COVID-19 struck, clinical experts were on the cutting edge and expected to fight an infection that nobody had heard at any point ever of.

I’m somebody who is from an exceptionally special foundation and approaches the best clinical consideration however that isn’t the situation for the vast majority of the country. In government emergency clinics, even in a major city like Mumbai, the circumstance is very awful. In this way, you have a great deal of congestion, an immense deficiency of beds, of clinical supplies, of gear and absence of framework and it is extremely, troublesome not only for the patients who don’t approach fundamental clinical consideration. Be that as it may, it’s extremely challenging for the specialists to work under these conditions and specialists are not divine beings. We do consider them like that occasionally yet they are not divine beings who can make marvels regular, they need that sort of help to support them. That is something which is painfully missing and that is a misfortune – and a reality in this country. Additionally, what’s more, on the off chance that you have a circumstance like 26/11 or the pandemic, it’s so trying for cutting edge laborers. That is likewise the thing our show is managing. What’s more, you know, despite the fact that I have survived the 26/11 assaults – I wasn’t in Mumbai yet I was living in Mumbai at that point – I never truly saw it from within an administration emergency clinic. Furthermore, how they worked in such phenomenal conditions… That was an exceptionally new thing for me.

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