Samikssha Batnagar on dealing with financialy crisis: Can’t be choosy right now

Samikssha Batnagar, last seen in Hamariwali Uplifting news went through a significant monetary emergency, and in a new meeting with The Hours of India, the entertainer said how the lockdown caused a gigantic money mash as her tasks slammed, and thus, she needed to occupy a couple of time-bound jobs, including that of Hamariwali uplifting news. She added that 2020 was troublesome monetarily and the absence of acting freedoms likewise exacerbated it.

She added how the circumstance right currently is likewise rather troublesome and added, “There’s no work and on the off chance that it proceeds with this way, it will be exceptionally hard for me to support in Mumbai. My investment funds are practically finished, and I’m running out of money.” In light of the absence of work, she referenced that this has all lead to her taking up a wide range of work and doesn’t leave her with a choice to be fussy any longer. She added how she should take up whatever comes her direction.

Further, she referenced how she trusts in numerology and figures that numbers do assume a significant part in one’s lives which is the reason she added an extra ‘s’ in her name and eliminated the ‘h’ from her family name. She referenced that it managed job out for her at first and got a couple of web arrangement and it was going fine however the lockdown destroyed it. She says she is currently searching for work and needs things to improve soon.

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