Russia’s secret documents reveal war plans approved on January 18, capture Ukraine in 15 days

Russia’s mystery war records have uncovered that the designs for Moscow’s conflict with Ukraine were supported on January 18 and it guessed that the catch should be executed inside 15 days, from February 20 to March 6.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operations Command said, “Because of the effective activities of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian occupiers are losing not just hardware and labor.”

In a frenzy, they leave secret archives. Along these lines, we have available to us the arranging reports of one of the units of the legion strategic gathering of the 810th separate detachment of marines of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

“Among the got archives are a work card, battle mission, call sign table, control signal tables, stowed away control tables, staff list, etc.”Based on the data got, it is realized that the arranging reports for the conflict with Ukraine were supported on January 18, and the activity to catch Ukraine itself should happen inside 15 days, to be specific from February 20 till March 6.

“The foe unit was to land from the Orsk VDK in the space of the Stepanovka-1 settlement and further demonstration with the tactical units of the 58th Army of the Russian Federation, in particular with the 177th Separate Regiment of Marines of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. A definitive objective of these powers was to bar and assume responsibility for Melitopol.”

“In this way, when by and by one of the detainees says that he came to study and got lost, don’t trust it. They knew, they painstakingly arranged and ready. Furthermore we will say one thing to the Russian occupiers: maintain your hardware and mystery reports, we will require them, the first – for our safeguards, and the second – for The Hague.”

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