Riya Sharma and Sahil Uppal’s Pinjara Khubsurti Ka to go off-air

Saahil Uppal and Riya Sharma starrer Pinjara Khubsurti Ka on Colors, is supposedly going to go behind closed doors on August 6. According to the reports in The Times of India, the show will wrap up after a run of nearly 12 months. The show as of late went through a jump of 20 years and that gave it space to present a new story alongside a rebirth track.

Be that as it may, for reasons unknown, the show doesn’t appear to improve notwithstanding the changes, and henceforth, the show is currently going to go behind closed doors. In the mean time, it likewise didn’t get the fundamental appraisals and the creators felt that they have depleted the potential storylines and henceforth, didn’t have any desire to drag the story.

The show got going with the story of Mayura and Omkar, where the last experiences passionate feelings for the previous because of her magnificence. In any case, she wants for individuals to look past that, yet the two in the end get hitched. How the story follows and at last, prompting the continuous track, is the thing that the show has described up until now. It’s anything but a lot of new sections, including that of entertainer Karan Vohra, who got back to the TV screens sooner or later.

Given the appraisals, a lot of shows have been in the information as they have neglected to get the important buzz. While a few shows moved to the OTT stage, some likewise went behind closed doors suddenly.

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