Ramayan 2008: Luv and Kush demanded for chips, juice and pizzas in the middle of the jungle halting the shoot for couple of hours!

Anand Sagar’s Ramayan is presently getting a charge out of a re-run on Dangal channel. Before long the sequential will observer the section of Luv Kush. The functions of Luv and Kush were tried by Perin Malde and Rishab Sharma who were 9 and 11 years of age, individually.

Anand Sagar’s Ramayan displayed a scene where Ruler Hanuman trains Luv Kush for improving their aptitudes. These preparation shoots for the most part happened outside which made Luv Kush the most joyful.

Discussing that it was so hard to shoot with kids, Vikram Mastal, who played Hanuman, common, “It’s anything but a piece of cake for youngsters to act in a legendary show like Ramayan. For the preparation succession, we needed to shoot in a wilderness which was almost two hours from the principle city of Baroda. While the shoot was on, Luv Kush abruptly requested for chips and guava squeeze in the middle of the shoot. They slowed down the whole go for two hours to get their requests satisfied. The group individuals needed to go right back in the city to satisfy their requests. All said and done, the children did incredibly well and it feels extraordinary to remember those memories.”Sharing recollections of open air shootings, Perin Malde who played Luv, stated, “While taking shots at the studio in Baroda, we would regularly need to eat straightforward food like Khichdi since nothing was accessible around the sets. Be that as it may, during outside shoots, we realized we would will eat scrumptious food and along these lines we would interest for pizzas and chips. Presently, that I think back, I understand, as children we disturbed the group, however it was completely done out of sheer guiltlessness. It feels extraordinary to recall those recollections after endless years.”

Anand Sagar’s Ramayan is engaging million watchers indeed.

Ramayan, the epic story of guarantees and philosophies is circulated each night at 7.30pm and rehash broadcast at 9.30am the next day just on Dangal channel.

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