Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ team REACTS to claims that she broke lockdown rules in the UK

Priyanka Chopra Jonas who is right now living in London with spouse Scratch Jonas was as of late imagined showing up at a salon close by her mom Madhu Chopra, claimed by VIP beautician Josh Wood. After pictures surfaced of the entertainer visiting the salon, fans were not satisfied by the move given UK’s severe Coronavirus rules at that point. Following photos of PC’s salon visit, fans turned on the star today, addressing on the web in the event that she thought she was over the guidelines. One straightforwardly reached her on Twitter, asking ‘For what reason are you and your mum imagined at a salon completing your hair when it’s contrary to the principles in the UK right now??!!Now, a representative from Priyanka’s group has approached and tended to the fans and public who probably won’t have been intrigued by the entertainer’s most recent move. In an assertion, PC’s group explained that the couple was cleared to go the salon exclusively after they and everybody in close contact with them were tried and cleared for Coronavirus. The salon was secretly opened for Madhu and Priyanka for a hair shading position that was needed for the film PC is right now chipping away at.

Her group focused on the way that the team followed all administration rules, and even said that the film and television creation which is presently allowed to continue in the UK, can keep on obliging shoots and requests that are completed in accordance with government rules. Priyanka’s agents uncovered that there was even exception administrative work got by the police which lawfully allowed her to be there.

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