Popatlal and Sodhi land Purush Mandal in trouble

Bagha requests that Champaklal rest, however the last option says he will rest after some time as he had a weighty supper. The Purush Mandal boils down to the compound and chooses where to party. Sodhi proposes going to a bar and says they won’t get this amazing chance again on the grounds that their spouses have effectively let them know that this is the last time they are allowing them for a party. Iyer gets some information about the arrangement uproariously, and Jethalal continues to demand him to talk delicately as Champaklal might listen to him and happen to his room.

Popatlal says his intuition shows that something will turn out badly. Sodhi gets disturbed and requests that he quit expressing negative things and pay for the party. Popatlal will not pay for the party, to which Sodhi pursues him to grab his wallet, and the Purush Mandal attempts to stop them while making a lot of clamor. Champaklal listens to the clamor and happens to his space to ask. Jethalal stows away before his Bapuji opens the entryway, however he leaves one of his shoes on the ground in a rush. Champaklal asks everybody for what reason they were yelling and going around in the public eye around evening time. Everybody keeps mum and doesn’t say anything while Bagha thinks the Purush Mandal is intoxicated. Taarak says they were playing ‘Find the stowaway.’ Champaklal gets stunned and calls them juvenile. He further inquiries Sodhi why he was grabbing Popatlal’s wallet, to which the previous says they were requesting a Soda party. Champaklal chastens him and requests that they return home and rest.

Afterward, Hansraj requests that Sodhi bring his vehicle, however the last option says he doesn’t drive under the influence. Sodhi takes everybody in auto to one of his companion’s bar cum cafés. The guard doesn’t permit him to go inside as the bar is full. Sodhi calls his companion and demands him to organize a table for himself as well as his companions.

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