Pallavi Mukherjee rubbishes accusations of bullying Barrister Babu actress Aurra Bhatnagar aka Bondita

While we are devoted in announcing about the continuous shows, we likewise keep a tab on what occurs in the background in the midst of the shoots of a few shows.

Tones’ Lawyer Babu created by Shashi Sumeet Creations has been in the information for its guessed age jump. Reports have it that entertainer Kanika Mann of Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega has been roped in to assume the part of adult Bondita in the show while Aurra Bhattnagar Badoni will be backed out from the show.

In the midst of such news, India Discussions solely discovered that entertainer Pallavi Mukherjee who plays the personality of an opponent Sampoorna in the show was besieged with plenty of disdain sends asserting that she menaces the youthful entertainer Aurra (Bondita) on the sets and she additionally clearly hit her due to which Aurra is examining remaining in the show.

In a selective visit with us, Pallavi said, “All of a sudden, I began getting many disdain remarks and analysis. In a moment, I got around 100 remarks expressing what sort of a lady I’m to hit a little youngster and menace her. Every one of the remarks asserted that I’ve harassed Aurra which isn’t correct in any way. Aurra and I are heartfelt and share a decent bond. I couldn’t deal with the sort of disdain I was getting from every one of the phony records. I was discouraged and couldn’t rest the whole evening. Afterward, I took the matter up to the digital wrongdoing to get hold of the guilty parties. I additionally mentioned Aurra and her mom to come on a LIVE with me wherein the three of us explained our position and eliminated any confusion”.

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