‘No truth to allegations’: US denies sending ‘conspiracy’ letter to topple Imran Khan govt

In the midst of Pakistan’s political disturbance and the debate encompassing the implied ‘unfamiliar connivance letter’, the United States on Wednesday denied reports of a particular message being conveyed to Pakistan’s then-representative to the US.

No US government office had sent a letter to Pakistan on the current political circumstance in the country, the Joe Biden-drove country said.

While answering the inquiry in regards to the asserted ‘letter’ and ‘US association in a no-certainty movement against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’, a State Department representative said, “there is no reality to these charges,” Pakistani paper Dawn announced.

Imran Khan on Wednesday shared a few subtleties of the “unfamiliar intrigue letter” with senior writers and bureau individuals, attesting that the archive was real and an unfamiliar scheme was forthcoming to eliminate him from power, promoting the Opposition’s no-certainty movement against him as a declaration of “unfamiliar subsidized” move to bring down his government.According to certain media reports, it was expected that the ‘unfamiliar connivance’ letter was shipped off Ambassador Asad Mujeed based on his gathering with the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu.

The letter can be the conciliatory link from Washington, drafted by a Pakistani representative.

“The substance of the letter, evidently, depend on casual conversations among Pakistani and different authorities,” a source was cited as saying before breakfast.

“The substance, if right, show a bunch of agreeable authorities from different nations enjoying some clearly thinking and testing. That’s it,” the source added.”The reason behind such links is to keep your administration informed. It’s no indication of a scheme against an administration or a character,” another conciliatory source said.

Presently, Pakistan’s new minister to the US is Masood Khan, while Ambassador Majeed has been moved to Brussels for taking up his new task.

Recently, in an exceptional meeting of the bureau led by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the public authority has chosen to share the ‘unfamiliar scheme’ letter with the National Security Committee where Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would brief the Committee about the letter in an in-camera meeting.

Aside from that, the letter was displayed to the government clergymen on an elevated screen in the bureau’s extraordinary meeting led by Imran Khan, announced ARY News refering to sources.

Imran Khan additionally said that he will share the ‘unfamiliar subsidized scheme’ letter with senior writers and partner party individuals. “The letter will uncover the components who are contriving against the country from abroad,” he said at the send off of e-identification administrations in Islamabad.

After the no-certainty movement against Imran Khan’s administration was postponed in the National Assembly with a sum of 161 votes in favor, the procedures were dismissed till today.

The no-certainty movement was put together by the resistance groups on March 8. The resistance is certain that its movement would be conveyed as certain partners of PTI have moved into the open against Imran Khan.

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