“No specific reason but it’s shocking” says Sonali Nikam on ‘Yeshu’ going off-air

The disturbed occasions of Coronavirus has prompted many stunning cases of a variety of shows going behind closed doors rather suddenly. While a few shows in a real sense went behind closed doors in the mid of a lockdown a year ago, some different shows have seen little innings of late and going behind closed doors a whole lot earlier than anticipated.

We as of late saw any semblance of a show like Kuch Toh Hai (Naagin’s side project) going behind closed doors in under two months and now another show is amazingly being closed down and that is Yeshu.

The show portrayed the narrative of Ruler Jesus Christ where the primary scene of the show went live on 22nd December 2020. Be that as it may, after a little innings, the show is reassessing and will be off from the channel before the finish of April 2021.lead entertainer Sonali Nikam said, “There’s no particular explanation. It’s simply that we have a ton of little children on this show and because of the Coronavirus circumstance, the explanation is better known to the makers.” She educated that the cast and the team was surrendered a heads about the present circumstance already. “We were educated regarding 10-15 days prior about Yeshu going behind closed doors.”

She further added, “When you make the most of your job, it doesn’t feel better if the show simply closes. It was stunning for everyone and for the crowd too it will be exceptionally stunning in light of the fact that after the last scene, individuals will ask everybody what occurred. Neither did we nor our crowd have been anticipating this by any means. Fans are posing arbitrary inquiries to us even now, be it for my character or the storyline.”

Closing she said, “It was an excellent encounter. This is my first show for which I went to Naigaon yet it never felt like I was heading out so far just to shoot. The entire group – chiefs, makers, creatives, spot ‘dadas’, cosmetics hair specialists, they are altogether such acceptable people and similarly astounding at their art as well. It was an excellent encounter working with every one of them.”

We are certain the fans would miss the show comparably a lot.

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