Nitesh Pandey: Indiawaali Maa is not just a show, it is a feel of all the mothers of our country!

There isn’t anything in this world as strange as a mother’s warm grasp. She is the managing voice when the world appears to be a troublesome spot to flourish, a hand to hold when you are too reluctant to even think about walking on another way and the main individual who is consistently glad for you, regardless of where you head throughout everyday life. Sony Diversion TV’s impending show Indiawaali Maa depicts an account of a mother driven by sympathy, confidence, and a heart brimming with adoration for her child, chooses to spare him from all the issues he faces in his day to day existence.

Drawing out the message that you are never too old to even think about needing your mom and can generally contact her for help, Indiawaali Maa gloats about a troupe cast featuring Suchita Trivedi as Kaku (otherwise known as Indiawaali Maa), Nitesh Pandey as Hasmukh and Akshay Mhatre as Rohan.

Veteran entertainer Nitesh Pandey who is known for his exuberant nature and his amazing work in the Broadcast business will exposition the part of Hasmukh in Indiawaali Maa. He will depict a relaxed dad to Rohan in the show who has given his child the freedom to cut his way throughout everyday life.

On being the piece of the show, Nitesh stated, “Indiawaali Maa isn’t only a show, it is a vibe of the relative multitude of moms of our nation. This show is composed from the heart and will arrive at the hearts of every individual who is viewing. The story is an excursion of a parent, Kaku attempting to help her adult child, Rohan who figures he can deal with his issues. While I have been related with different stories, this one has an extremely profound passionate hold to my heart since it features when you have your mom close by, you essentially have the most grounded uphold in the entire world. Made absolutely out of affection to portray the mother’s adoration, the story is something that everybody will have the option to relate with.”

Adding further to this, he stated, “I am happy to assume the part of Hasmukh, Kaku’s better half in the show, her partner, and her spine in this excursion.”

Watch Indiawaali Maa coming soon on Sony Diversion TV.

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