Naagin 6: Rishabh teaches hunting to Pratha

Mehek lets Urvashi know that she showed Rishab the recording of Pratha removing blade from Samaira. He accepted she killed her and gave an assertion against Pratha. Rishab gets anxious reasoning of Pratha with Vijay. Pratha figures she will cause Rishab to feel a similar aggravation she did. Mehek and Rishab sit tight for Rajesh and Kiara. They come there yet Kiara is Pratha. Mehek sits on Rishab’s lap and says they will look into Pratha. He says regardless of whether it is Pratha she won’t give a response.

They go hunting. Rishab trains Pratha to point. Mehek gets envious and goes to Urvashi. She says in the event that she loses Rishab to Kiara, she should accompany Shakti. Mehek takes care of the creatures some wine. The creatures run towards Pratha and Rishab. Mehek watches to check whether Pratha will take naagin symbol and save Rishab. Pratha takes cover behind a tree and blows a breeze storm. Mehek runs from that point. Pratha becomes naagin and battles it. She sees Rishab oblivious. Rajesh comes and shoots the creature. Rishab gets up and expresses gratitude toward her for saving his life. Rajesh lets Pratha know that she cherishes Rishab and that is the reason she saved him.Pratha thinks about his double-crossing and says she needs to kill him herself. Rishab yells at Rehan inquiring as to whether he proposed to Divya. He says OK and Ria gets stunned. Rajesh comes there and says Divya is his sister and she needs to wed him and that he is alright with the choice. A flashback is shown. Rajesh lets Divya know that he won’t allow her to wed Rehan. Pratha tells her that Rehan is perilous and has killed 2 young ladies previously. Divya says she will assist with rebuffing Rehan as she most likely is aware Pratha won’t allow anything to happen to her.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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