Muslims majority in Assam, must ensure harmony: CM Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has said Muslims would not be viewed as minority in Assam as they be able to establish around 35% of state’s populace. CM Sarma said Muslims are greater part now and ought to guarantee harmony in the state.

Answering to the discussion on Motion of Thanks on Governor’s location in the state Assembly, Sarma said Muslims ought to shart acting like the greater part bunch.

He likewise put the onus of guaranteeing shared amicability on the Muslim people group, especially those of Bengali-talking beginning, adding that even “native Muslims” of the BJP-controlled state are in anxiety toward losing their personality. He professed to have proof to back his declarations, however he didn’t present it in the House.”The minority (Muslims) are currently the greater part. They are 30-35 percent of the state’s populace. With around one crore populace, they are the biggest local area and it is their obligation to guarantee collective amicability,” the central priest said.

Sarma said the Muslims ought to comprehend that the advancement of the state is straightforwardly connected to their exercises and encouraged them to pursue neediness mitigation, populace control, and so on to diminish the issues looked by the state.

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