Monalisa on returning with Nazar: Even though my character was a negative one, they loved the ‘Dayan’

Monalisa also known as Antara Biswas has returned in her Dayan symbol by and by with the Ankahee Daastaan series for Star Plus. What’s more, given the fury that Nazar ha been, this certain is by all accounts a sweet present for the fanatics of the show. Extraordinary substance has consistently discovered a crowd of people on Indian TV and indeed, with the arrival of the entertainer alongside Harsh Rajput and Niyati, there’s just a great deal more available for the crowd.

India Forums reached out to Monalisa and here’s our speedy discussion with the entertainer.

In a one of its sort idea, the channel has brought back a lot of its famous shows. What’s your opinion about it?

Well I believe it’s an extremely one of something kind that has happened ever. Our show was exceptionally well known and preferred by all – kids, women, whichever age. Children used to like it not terrible, but not great either much, at whatever point or any place I go they actually ask me where is your lambi choti? So it was something undeniable with the crowd and they cherished the ‘Dayan’… Even however my person was an antagonistic one… and till date fans ask us when is Nazar coming? So to satisfy our fans, Star Plus Channel has concocted “Ankahee Dastaan” which will air the hit shows (once again) which they miss the most.

How could it resemble getting back to your person after the concise break?

I missed my Dayaan kirdaar (Character) severely, my lambi choti, shaded eyes, those destructive looks, the manner in which I used to walk, talk, get up on the tree, hopping from here n there, creeping on the divider… the activity part wearing bridle n battles, alarming the family… my dance successions, my bath arrangements (snickers), it resembles a little glimpse of heaven to be back once more… I think it was everybody ‘s sign that brought us back once more… the affection for crowd… it feels incredible… and this time I am all the more remarkable… and doing khatarnaak things… individuals will cherish it not terrible, but not great either much … and I exceptionally energized for this rebound…

Did going for the show bring back recollections, what did you miss the most with regards to it?

Indeed, we met after very nearly 2 years… and we missed each other a great deal. However, it’s an extraordinary inclination to be back again with a similar group, same co-entertainers, and we are having some good times on set as before, we clicked end number of pictures,, and we as a whole eat along with solid tattles, yet the most I missed was our dance recordings as I and Niyati (Pia) love moving. We used to take out time during shoot and make recordings each time on the most recent hit track and individuals used to cherish it. This time additionally we are on and our dance video coming up soon.

Would could it be that you are anticipating do ahead as far as other work?

I have without exception needed to play various characters, beginning from my movies where each film I attempted to carry another person to the crowd. I actually recollect when Nazar began nobody trusted I could do a Negative person of a “Daayan” cause, all things considered, I’m an extremely mild-mannered sort of individual, yet everybody adored me as a Daayan… and that causes me to feel so great…

So in future additionally I might want to encounter n play new characters… which again will be a shock for me as well. Indeed, I am doing a web series which is to be delivered soon where individuals will see me again in various kirdaar. Acting is my obsession and I might want to investigate each and every person which even I don’t realize that I can play and I am certain my fans n companions will adore me the same way they have cherished me for such countless years…

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