Meet Naresh Punia and Vicky Singh – the guards G5 and G7 of ‘Lock Upp’

‘Lock Upp’ has finished some time prior yet the show keeps on causing a stir. The achievement party of the show was a stupendous issue wherein the’s who of the business was seen. Munawar Faruqui lifted the prize of the show followed by Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora.

While every one of the challengers in the show, have Kangana Ranaut and Jailor Karan Kundrra got many commendations for making the show a triumph, there are a ton many individuals who merit the recognition of the achievement. The idea of the show was very interesting and required an alternate sort of set-up. Around 4-5 gatekeepers were put inside the house for practically the whole day to provide it with an appropriate vibe of a lock-up. The gatekeepers should wear a specific sort of clothing and keep their appearances concealed with covers to build the interest. The show being streamed LIVE added to additional challenges for individuals who played the gatekeepers in the show.While the watchmen were seen covering the face, India Forums might want to uncover the personalities of the craftsmen who played monitors in the show. Amir Khan played G6 in the show while Vicky Singh played the famous G7 in the show. The candidates imparted a decent compatibility to G7 and they would frequently prod him. The right-hand of jailor Karan Kundrra was played by entertainer Naresh Punia. Punia played G5 in the show.acknowledging these specialists, we reached out to G7 played by Vicky Singh and got some information about his viewpoints on being a piece of the show. Singh said, “At first, we had a debilitating preparation for the show. We were approached to contain our stances for extended periods and not move any piece of our body, but rather once the shoot began, it was loads of tomfoolery. Our facilitator was very severe. We would get refreshes on our walky-chatty assuming we lose our stance, he would request that we fix ourselves and keep up with the stance. For around 5-7 hours, we were approached to stand. Jailor Karan actually had the freedom to move, yet we were unable. While it was very troublesome, it was likewise loads of tomfoolery. Munawar jee and Shivam jee generally recognized us and valued us. Now and again, Munawar would tell interesting wisecracks leaving us grinning. I would make a solid attempt to stifle my giggling however he would recognize it clearly that I’m chuckling from inside. Azma jee used to play with me. Assuming that I had the power, I would’ve taken out my cover and showed her my face too (snickers)”.

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