Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2’s Pooja Gor: It really baffles me when people say that TV is regressive

The declaration of Season 2 of Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya got fans and entertainers excited and they are happy to the point bursting. Lead entertainer Pooja Gor as of late connected with us where she talked about getting ready for the show, getting back to television after so long, and the sky is the limit from there.

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How is it to get back to television with a show that has consistently stuck out?

It is astonishing, it genuinely is. You don’t get an excessive number of chances like this in life to be a piece of a famous show after its primary period and to do everything over once more. With season 2 of Pratigya, life has gone to a round trip that is all I might want to say.

Generalizations around TV exist, and some of the time, it seems like a few shows make a decent attempt to break them. What do you feel?

Content on television has certain conventions and certain standards, the crowd for television is altogether different for the crowd for films or from the crowd of OTT, and what chips away at television works in light of the fact that the crowd likes it, in any case the creators wouldn’t make it in light of the fact that all things considered, it is a business. So on the off chance that it isn’t working, they won’t make it. Above all else, it truly confounds me when individuals say that television is backward and different generalizations that are related with television. I don’t feel most would agree those things, it is just that way since we prefer it as such and it isn’t only that. As you said, a great deal of creators and organizations and Programs do attempt to change that to break that generalization. We made Roshni, which was a delightful show, it was anything but a normal sort of show. At that point there are shows like 24 and Everest that Star has made, so there are individuals who are attempting to break the generalization and nobody says that it is like this or that way as it were.

What sort of prep went into the show?

Truly, I’m doing a Program following 6 years and over the most recent six years, I was not used to shooting each day or have extended periods of time, so I got and truly alright with having laid-back shooting hours and laid-back days. I was not going for at any rate 3 days every month. So I was doing a public interview a few days ago and somebody disclosed to me welcome to the Wilderness and such a caused me to understand that it is valid indeed. It is a crush. Be that as it may, I require every day as it comes and truly, I’m cherishing it since I understand I was missing it, I like the rush, and I like the surge of getting up each and every day, laboring for 12 hours, returning home, and having this everyday practice. I missed it for quite a while yet then I got settled and that is the thing that I needed to plan in my mind. There is obviously dealing with the character, however that wasn’t an issue since it was a character that runs in my blood. I needed to learn easily overlooked details to a great extent, I needed to figure out how to pick maternal senses, pick things from individuals around, and so on

For somebody who has done Bollywood, what do you need to say about the treatment allotted to television entertainers?

I was dealt with like some other entertainer on set and in light of the fact that I come from a foundation of a long work insight, it was far better. I don’t think anyone in Bollywood or movies or OTT regards TV entertainers as any not the same as they would to their alleged Bollywood entertainers. Entertainers are entertainers, regardless of whether it is Bollywood entertainers or TV entertainers, or theater entertainers. I don’t think there is an issue with how particularly television entertainers are dealt with. Indeed, the manner in which they are dealt with is extremely well on account of the sort of range of abilities they accompany. I don’t think any Bollywood entertainers have completed 12 scenes in 12 hours. We have a specific superpower and that is an or more over different entertainers in this way, I don’t think whether it’s me having worked in a film set or different companions of mine, who have worked on a film set on a film have at any point confronted an issue that they were not treated a specific way or pleasantly in light of the fact that they were television entertainers. I don’t feel that it occurred.

Second periods of different shows have been coming yet as a web rendition, permitting it more opportunity. Would you have favored that to occur too?

Actually no, not in the slightest degree. I wouldn’t have needed Pratigya to go on OTT. Indeed, it is going on the web yet alongside the TV broadcast. Individuals can watch it at 8:30 or else, they can watch it later so it is something incredible yet I don’t figure it would have been something to be thankful for if the show would have come recently on OTT.

The show additionally saw the arrival of Arhaan Behll alongside Pooja ahead of the pack job.

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