Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 is as good as it gets with fierce performances by Pooja and Arhaan

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 went on air this week and it appears to have had a reasonable beginning up until now. The show highlights Pooja Gor and Arhaan Behll take on their jobs of Pratigya and Krishna, separately. The story proceeds on similar lines as we see the couple much infatuated and having a glad existence with their kids. In the mean time, Pratigya is viewed as a legal advisor who will keep on defending some unacceptable and battle for what she has confidence in, regardless of whether it implies remaining against her own.

Thakur Sajjan Singh will be played by Anupam Shyam indeed, this time, he has the plan to have control over the entire of India. In the interim, Pratigya will keep on battling against biases that are so profoundly established in the public eye the extent that the rank framework goes. The initial two scenes have been a treat to observe only for how these are the things that actually should be spoken about.

Concerning everybody’s acting, we actually see a similar sort of science among Pooja and Arhaan as in the past, and indeed, it appears to have just raised over the long run. Concerning Anupam, he keeps on being similarly as villanious as he is known. In the mean time, through the entirety of this, Pratigya has held her ground and not abandoned anything in any event, when her girl is hijacked by a hooligan concerning a case she took indeed. While it sure reveals to us how everything a lady does appears to have gotten on and eventually influence their own lives, what is additionally fascinating to see is the manner by which one can battle it through.Pooja has figured out how to welcome on her best acting chops forward, acing whatever she does, guaranteeing that there is no stone unturned in parting with the message that the show is intended to. Concerning Arhaan’s Krishna, there is an adjustment in his character, yet there are still all these remaining details that appear to get back to him to being the individual he used to be. In any case, everything bodes well and keeps on conveying a message that the show has consistently expected to.

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 is hopefully acceptable, and keeping in mind that it isn’t liberated from escape clauses, every last bit of it bodes well as there is a greater message that the show expects to give. With all that it represents trying to show how ladies should battle and speak loudly, it makes for a decent watch.

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