Major drama at Chavan house as Sai goes missing; Samrat doubts Pakhi-Virat in ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is preparing for a serious track. In the past scene, it was uncovered that Sai met with a significant mishap while heading to transport stop as she chose to take off from the Chavan house and return to Gadchiroli.

In the impending scene, Karishma educates everybody that Sai is missing. Bhavani and different seniors begin to blow up on Sai. Ashwini gets Sai’s letter and she gets vexed and advises Virat. Virat remains there unaffected and states that Sai has consistently been expressing that she needs to take off from the house and subsequently he isn’t astonished.

Individuals around the mishap spot sees Sai. Her companion sees her. They surge her to a clinic. The companion educates Pulkit and he arrives at the clinic. He wishes that Sai gets well.In Chavan house, Virat lets everybody know that Sai never opened dependent upon him. She rather addressed Devi. Devi lets everybody know that she educated Virat and requested that he stop her yet he was unyielding. Bhavani asks who helped Sai gather her sacks. Devi says she did as Sai helped her once previously and Sai was in torment and that is the reason she considered aiding her. Samrat questions Virat with respect to how would he be able to get the clues. Pakhi protects Virat and tells Samrat to not address him.

Samrat states that he will feel downright awful remaining in Chavan house without Sai as she was the explanation of his return. Pakhi gets disillusioned with this. Samrat lets Virat know that they should look for Sai. Virat denies. Samrat asks him is he content since now Sai is out of his life which gets him a possibility with Pakhi. Virat misfortunes his quiet.

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