Kundali Bhagya’s Anjum Fakih on flaunting her belly fat in a recent post: We are more than shapes and sizes

Famous television entertainer Anjum Fakih, who is known for her depiction in Kundali Bhagya, opened up on weight issues and said that she is alright with her skin and isn’t cognizant about it. The flawless woman revealed to E Times, “I have consistently said that my certainty comes from the way that I am truly agreeable in my skin. In the present time where everything is shallow, we need to regard our body and back off of ourselves. We are more than shapes and sizes. Our characters characterize us.” She added, “I am happy that my post has set off discussions around body energy. Like you appropriately called attention to, not every person is happy with examining these things. Notwithstanding, I feel we should come out and talk about it and quit deriding the issue. It is imperative to cherish yourself the manner in which you are and have a sound existence. I love every single thing about myself. Midsection fat included.”Sharing her contemplations on savages looked by the stars via online media, Anjum Fakih stated, “It’s not simply celebs; even typical individuals are exposed to savaging. We as celebs are continually in the public eye, consequently we need to confront savaging and body disgracing consistently. Once in a while the savaging and harassing gets to you, however then I generally advise myself that I have endeavored to reach here and I can’t let another person’s assessment on the manner in which I look influence me. I generally disregard the savages and simply center around the exquisite messages and praises my fans give me.” Talking on her weight issues, she stated, “I have consistently run after staying in shape. For me being sound is a higher priority than anything. In any case, during the lockdown as a result of absence of activity, I acquired a couple of kilos. I have begun working out and eating beneficial to knock off the additional weight that I have put on over the most recent couple of months.”

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