Kundali Bhagya: Sanjay Gagnani aka Prithvi Malhotra set to return in a completely revamped avatar

Zee television’s well known Kundali Bhagya has consistently made a buzz with its exciting bends in the road. Particularly the significant characters that the show comprises of definitely made the watchers request more. Also, one such entertainer is Sanjay Gagnani who made a unique spot in the crowd’s heart for his character Prithvi Malhotra. He left the show a half year back after he was tried Coronavirus positive. The news had left his fans upset however now there is a piece of uplifting news for them.

Sanjay Gagnani is good to go to make a rebound in a similar show with a completely redone symbol. Sharing his considerations about the every day cleanser, he said, “Yes. Everything I can say is, Prithvi Malhotra, is getting back with a completely redone symbol, more smooth, polished and much more deadlier with regards to his detestable intentions and the three things that he would keep on providing food the crowds of Kundali Bhagya is, diversion, amusement and diversion!”

In the wake of taking a break, Sanjay invested energy with his family.

It is normal that Sanjay’s patched up symbol will acquire a great deal of forthcoming turns the show.

Gagnani further said, “Everything I can say and uncover right now is, expect firecrackers when PM returns since all the fans and watchers realize that at whatever point PM enters a situation, they can anticipate a ton of amusement, turns, turns, masala, fun, cynicism and unusualness!”

In the interim, in the forthcoming scene, Preeta, Srishti, and Samar will be seen uncovering Akshay. The family is seen preparing for Akshay and Kritika’s wedding and on another side, Akshay has a major arrangement against Preeta.

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