Kumkum Bhagya: Ranbir pranks Prachi

Stanley and Ranbir look for the legal documents. Ranbir tells that he had kept it on this table itself. Stanley requests that he review appropriately as he’s certain that he kept different papers here. Pallavi comes and asks what occurred. Ranbir tells that he’s looking for a few significant papers that were kept in an envelope. She tells that she gave it to Rhea. Ranbir leaves and Pallavi stops Stanley and asks him for what valid reason does she think he looks natural. He tells he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and getaways.

Prachi lets Rhea know that she’s pregnant with Ranbir’s youngster and it would be extremely uncalled for assuming she actually went on getting determined to save Ranbir for herself. She tells that nobody would like it assuming she felt free to grab Ranbir from her. Rhea informs her that she doesn’t mind regarding any other person as she’s focusing on herself this time. She tells that she will get Ranbir regardless and, surprisingly, her being pregnant won’t change that reality. Prachi argues her to grasp her situation as a sister. Rhea tells that she couldn’t care less.

Prachi emerges from her creative mind and Rhea requests that she escape the room as Ranbir will before long propose to her. Prachi leaves and sees Ranbir. He takes her inside the room and shuts the entryway. She cries reviewing Rhea’s words and he asks her what occurred. She inquires as to whether he purchased a loft for her. Ranbir believes she’s envious and tells he got it for Rhea. Rhea hears them and gets blissful. She proceeds to communicate her satisfaction to Aaliya.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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