Karan Mehra calls Nisha Rawal’s claims of extramarital affair ‘baseless’

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s continuous altercation has been in the news since the time the previous was reserved by the Goregaon Police yesterday. On May 31, Nisha documented a grumbling against Karan following a question between the two where she hurt her head. While the two concede that things have not been very well between them, both Nisha and Karan have various sides to the story.

During a meeting with India Discussions, Karan revealed to us that he has been incredibly tolerant over the previous years, nonetheless, Nisha has been rough and furthermore proceeded to make reference to that she is bipolar, crushed her head on the divider herself, and that he has been dishonestly charged. Nisha as well, during an association, shouted out about her side of the story, and uncovered that he has been having an illicit relationship and that he conceded something similar to her.

Presently, Karan has revealed to Bombay Times that these are simple reports and he didn’t undermine her and isn’t engaging in extramarital relations. He said, ”Every one of these claims will undoubtedly come up and I will be connected with numerous individuals. These accounts are outlandish. I haven’t undermined her and I’m not having an extramarital illicit relationship.”

In the interim, companions of Nisha have turned out in her help and have communicated how they have known things for some time however this occurrence was the issue that crosses over into intolerability. Many, have regularly communicated stun on hearing the report about the continuous quarrel among Karan and Nisha.

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