Javed Akhtar Records Statement in Kangana Ranaut Defamation Case

It appears to be that the legitimate path for entertainer Kangana Ranaut will be a persistent one for some time. We have just written about how Ranaut has numerous bodies of evidence recorded against her as well as documented a few arguments against others. From being engaged with case identified with her remarks that hurt strict assessments to others that evidently caused disharmony, a ton it surely going on.

One of those cases is when lyricist Javed Akhtar recorded one against Ranaut. Akhtar had documented a criminal grumbling against Ranaut for talking sick about him and discoloring his picture. According to the most recent reports, he has recorded his explanation through his attorney in the slander case.

PTI announced that Akhtar recorded his articulation through his legal counselor on Thursday. He presented his articulation under the steady gaze of a metropolitan court in Mumbai. His grievance asserted that Ranaut offered slanderous and outlandish remarks against him during her meetings on TV. The court has booked a meeting on December 19 in the Kangana Ranaut maligning case.

In the interim, the grumbling Akhtar documented additionally referenced apparently how Ranaut had asserted that he had undermined her to not talk about her supposed relationship with entertainer Hrithik Roshan.

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