Ishk Par Zor Nahi star Akshita Mudgal: My character is a perfect balance of progressive yet romantic

Gone are the television long periods of prosaic saas-bahu fights and backward, endless storylines. Presently, the crowd has advanced and requests reformist characters and particularly the depiction of resilient ladies leads. Sony Diversion TV’s forthcoming show, a trendy youthful romantic tale ‘Ishk Standard Zor Nahi’, stars Akshita Mudgal who articles the lead job of ‘Ishqi’ in the show. She talks long about her solid willed and ecstatic character and how she feels ‘Ishqi’ is fundamentally an augmentation to her own special character.

Sharing more on the equivalent, Akshita Mudgal said, “to paper Ishqi’s character on screen, I don’t want to act! It comes naturally to me, so I let immediacy dominate. Actually like Ishqi, I’m a bad-to-the-bone sentimental and trust in making every second count. The two of us wholeheartedly follow our hearts and are least worried about maintaining the old hat standards of the general public.”

She added, ”Obviously, Ishqi is the most intriguing and extraordinary character I’ve played, an ideal harmony between reformist yet sentimental. I can identify with her from numerous points of view, particularly her reformist philosophies and the reality she generally remains by her qualities and suppositions. She considers a spade a spade.”

All things considered, this definite sounds fascinating and we wager fans are eager to perceive what she has available.

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