“I Wanted To Cry Badly But Somehow Held Myself Together” – Megha Ray

One of the most sad things that has occurred lately attributable to lockdown has been the unexpected and sudden closing down of shows. Numerous shows, as we probably am aware were closed down halfway when the lockdown was going on, and keeping in mind that now the shoots have continued and all the main shows are back, the abrupt closure was undoubtedly stunning.

One of them was Zee television’s Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai featuring Megha Beam who assumed the main function in the show.

In an ongoing meeting with Bombay Times, Beam opened up on how discouraging it was that the show went behind closed doors halfway and how she managed it. Beam stated, “It was a genuine grievousness. I’m generally a difficult one and don’t wind up crying, yet I sure needed to cry when I became more acquainted with that the show was going behind closed doors. Some way or another, I held myself together.”

She added, “It was my first show, and I had never imagined that something like this could actually occur. The world had just gotten so weird with the lockdown and the possibility that once the lockdown was finished, I would backpedal on set, and work again kept me sure. So when I got this troublesome news, I could hardly imagine how it was all finished so suddenly, with no notice. I was excessively eager to fill the role where Kajal would lose her visual perception (which was consistently the primary subject of the show). Much to my dismay that Kajal’s excursion would stay fragmented and leave a void in my heart. In any case, I have decided to take a gander at this in a positive manner. We never realize what is available for us later on so it is consistently a smart thought to make the best out of today.”

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