Here’s how Malaika Arora adds a challenge to her regular yoga sessions

The primary word that rings a bell when one discussions about yoga is adaptability. Being adaptable further develops pose as well as permits one to do progressed presents or exrcises effortlessly. What’s more, in case you are somebody who likes to amp up your wellness meetings or mix it up, it is time you remember props for your practice.”Yoga meetings with props have consistently been one of my number one meetings. It adds a test to your customary yoga meetings and a pleasant component to the whole stream,” she inscribed the post. Yoga blocks, produced using froth or wood, are a piece of Iyengar yoga created by BKS Iyengar.

Profoundly, decreases tension, and stress other than further developing adaptability.

How to do it?

*Stand straight with your feet serenely separated and a block in each hand.

*Turn your passed by walking to look outside, with the heel internal.

*Both heels ought to be in an orderly fashion. Breathe in and twist your body from your hip to the left, with your right arm raised straight up.*You can rest your left hand on a block.

*Your head can be in the line with your middle in case you are agreeable. You can look up at your right arm.

*With each breathe out, loosen up your body somewhat more.


You should try not to do this posture in case you are experiencing neck and back wounds, headaches, or low/hypertension.

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