Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Sai reveals the truth about her internship

Bhavani opening the entryway thinking it is Virat and Sai yet gets stunned seeing Arti and Suvarna. Bhavani illuminates everybody about the visitors who handle the neighborhood sanctuary’s board. Suvarna gets some information about her other girl in-regulation and demands some tepid water. Arti gets some information about Sai. Sai gets going playing out a patient’s conveyance. Bhavani gets enraged and gets some information about Sai’s whereabouts. Bhavani requests that Pakhi serve the juice to the visitors. Pakhi insults Ashwini about Sai’s heedlessness on an important day.

Sai gets fruitful in playing out the conveyance. Specialist Thorat compliments her and allows her 24-hour obligation as an award. Sai asks him for what reason is he rebuffing her. He tells her that she is being rebuffed as she attempted to outmaneuver him by calling Virat from the patient’s telephone. Sai causes him to discover that it was an incident yet he doesn’t trust her. Thorat gives her the hardest tasks contrasted with different assistants. Sonali incites Bhavani about Sai and tells her she didn’t turn up. The visitors leave getting disheartened. Bhavani chooses to rebuffing Sai.

Sai hurries to Virat. Virat wears an arm sling and lets Sai know that they will illuminate the family that he met with a mishap. Sai gets miserable as they need to deceive their loved ones. Virat requests that she be commonsense. They arrive at home and everybody becomes worried about seeing Virat. Sai illuminates everybody that Virat isn’t do any harm. He did this not to uncover reality. Sai lets everybody know that they got late as it was the main day of her temporary position of turning into a specialist. Everybody gets paralyzed hearing this. Bhavani tells Sai isn’t intended to be a specialist why she is expressing such. Virat comes clean with everybody that Sai is expressing.

The episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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