Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Chavans agree to Rajiv and Shivani’s wedding

Pakhi sees that Virat has sent a greeting of Shivani and Rajiv’s wedding and gets stunned. She shows it to Bhavani and she gets dazed and inquires as to for what reason is he sending a greeting. Sai tells Virat believes that them all should go to the wedding. Omkar inquires as to whether this is Virat’s choice. Virat gets back home and tells it’s not his choice but rather Shivani’s and he is simply supporting her. Bhavani inquires as to whether he failed to remember how all Rajiv treated Shivani. Virat says Rajiv knows about his mix-ups and he laments anything he did and that is a great deal. He tells they ought to allow him one more opportunity as Rajiv saved Shivani from the fire by putting his own life in extreme danger and even Shivani pardoned him, so he ought not be halting them.

Ashwini concurs with Virat and Samrat tells even he will uphold Virat. Pakhi gets amazed and asks how might he do that and Samrat asks her for what reason won’t she support Virat this time. Devi and Pulkit additionally concur with Virat. Rajiv tells he would rather not conflict with Bhavani’s desires so he will not wed Shivani. Virat tells him not to relinquish this open door. Rajiv says he would rather not affront Bhavani. Bhavani tells she will consent to the wedding. Sai becomes cheerful.

Shivani and Rajiv get energized and go to take her endowments yet she lets them know that she will simply go to the wedding and nothing else and requests the rest from them to consent to the wedding. Most of them concur and give their favors. Ashwini inquires as to whether he pardoned them all at this point. He expresses gratitude toward them for consenting to the marriage and afterward illuminates them that he’ll leave soon as he may be getting the exchange. Sai tells she’ll make Virat need her toward the finish of Rajiv and Shivani’s marriage.

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