Five reasons you should eat fresh dates this monsoon

In the event that you effectively like eating dates, rainstorm season is the ideal opportunity to have them, given its various medical advantages, superstar nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar referenced.

Diwekar took to Instagram to share five reasons you ought to have dates during storms:

*Improves Hb (hemoglobin) and energy levels

*Used in treating rest problems

*Fights most diseases and sensitivities

*Boosts practice execution

*Relief from blockage and acidityDates are wealthy in fiber, potassium and iron and an ideal solid option for your sugar desires. Truth be told, research has shown that diabetics can likewise eat this organic product as a result of its low glycemic record. The phytochemicals or normally happening plant synthetics in it can additionally assist with bringing down cholesterol, decreasing the danger of heart disease.The nutritionist likewise shared the best time when you can eat dates:

*First thing toward the beginning of the day

*Post lunch if Hb levels are low

*Kids can have it mid-feast, particularly in the event that they are around pubertyTo guarantee the dates you eat are new, get it from neighborhood markets and once you carry it to the house, you can likewise save the seeds and plant in your compound, Diwekar proposed.

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