Divyanka Tripathi calls out Indians for throwing pooja residue in the oceans as she spots a man doing so

Divyanka Tripathi has consistently been one to speak more loudly when vital and keeping in mind that she has been vocal about issues via online media too, today, she chose to support one more reason. The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein entertainer was at the sea shore recently and that is the point at which she saw something that enraged her. A man was seen discarding the pooja buildup from a parcel into the sea and it appeared to have rankled her.

The entertainer chose to share two or three recordings via web-based media, and keeping in mind that she did as such, she additionally had a couple of comments. First of all, she carefully encouraged Indians for not doing this, and composed alongside the video: Indians must Quit Tossing POOJA MATERIALS in Seas! She likewise proceeded to compose further, “Contaminating water bodies must be prohibited and fines.”

While the entertainer didn’t quit taking the video, it would appear that her discussion with the said man turned out poorly either as she proceeded to compose what did he disclose to her when she got down on him. She composed, alongside the video, “This English talking courteous fellow clarified that pooja material must be disposed of in water. BMCguys will tell the truth. Proud, abominable conduct. His Divine beings must be irate today.”

All things considered, given the expanded degree of contamination, she has a reasonable highlight make and with respect to a nation that tends to do as such, it is simply option to quit doing it and indeed, spread mindfulness about what is happening.

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