Choti Sardarni: Prince meets with an accident

Sovereign calling out for his mom. Then again, Rajveer, Seher, and others search for Prince all over the place. Seher promptly calls Rajveer as she tracks down Prince. Be that as it may, in practically no time, Prince again vanishes. He follows a more abnormal woman accepting she is his mom. On realizing that woman isn’t his mom, he glares and unexpectedly gets hit by a vehicle calling ‘Dad’. Everybody gets through a serious shock seeing Prince meeting with a mishap and quickly run towards him. Seher turns pale checking Prince’s heartbeat and gets him. They promptly take Prince to the medical clinic. Seher cries embracing Kulwant and demands the specialist to save his life. Rajveer and Kulwant console her telling her not to lose trust as Seher faults herself for Prince’s mishap. Cart gets some information about Prince’s condition. In any case, none could contact Khushi.Harleen hauls Rajveer and Seher requesting that they leave the emergency clinic. Being incensed, she lets them know that Khushi went out and they are the only ones liable for every one of the setbacks. As Kulwant attempts to safeguard them, Harleen stops him. She blames Seher for isolating Prince from his mom. Rajveer backs Seher saying it isn’t her issue and she did everything since Prince has the right to know who his genuine dad is. In the mean time, Robbie loses his cognizance and others escort him to a seat as he is going to black out. The specialist emerges from the OT illuminating Prince has lost a great deal of blood. Everybody consents to give their blood yet Prince’s blood bunch is rare. Seher and Rajveer move in wistfulness reviewing minutes treasured with Prince.The specialist then, at that point, cautions everybody letting them know there is just a single benefactor accessible in India. Seher looks for the subtleties of the contributor – Kavitha who dwells in Delhi. Seher convinces Rajveer to stay back for Prince as his condition deteriorates. The episode closes.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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