Call My Agent Bollywood

The most recent catastrophe being doled out by Netflix is Call My Agent Bollywood. A redo of the staggering French show Dix Pour Cent, the desi adaptation misunderstands *everything*. Cheap sets, awful ensembles (sweatshirts and coats in Mumbai weather?!), token characters, unfunny discoursed – it’s a long eye roll for six scenes. In case this isn’t sufficient, there’s an unpleasant, sick portrayal of lesbian sentiment. What the OG series did was consistently meld the relationship into the story. It doesn’t stick out, nor is it a squint and miss. Yet, trust our substance makers to totally destroy that experience too.There’s definitely no recovering variable in Call My Agent Bollywood. Notwithstanding being a word-by-word revamp of Dix Pour Cent, the Shaad Ali-executive doesn’t get one joke right. One massively tricky viewpoint is Amal (Ahana Kumra) and Jasleen’s (Anuschka Sawhney) relationship.

In the first show, the connection between specialist Andrea Martel (Camille Cotin) and inspector Collette (Ophélia Kolb) was accidental. Andrea wasn’t characterized by her sexual personality. She hits off on an off-base note with Collette, then, at that point, attempts to entice her to conceal the abuse of organization reserves, just to understand that she is really infatuated with her.Amal, a lady who arbitrarily tosses in ‘mohotarma’ and ‘janab’ to remind the watchers consistently that she is Muslim, is nothing similar to Andrea. She is displayed as a sex-insane lesbian who needs to toss in interjections every so often to declare her power. The sexual moments among Amal and Jasleen are especially bumping. An enticement includes Amal nearly pushing her butt in Jasleen’s face and there’s a repulsive scene wherein Amal presses Jasleen’s half-exposed butt on a sofa. There’s no closeness between the hyper-sexualised characters – they exclusively exist to satisfy the male look. A wanderer scene showing two ladies kissing in the core of Mumbai doesn’t qualify as nuanced story.

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