Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan warns Ritesh Singh

Devoleena Bhattacharjee is put to prison. From that point forward, in the Weekend Ka Vaar, have Salman Khan admonishes Ritesh Singh for abusing Rakhi Sawant and lets him know that he would even not like to envision how he treats Rakhi in their home assuming he’s transparently slighting her on public TV. Rakhi says she feels hurt when Ritesh disregards her. Salman asks him for what good reason does he act like that even later Farah Khan cautioned him. Salman advises Rakhi to call him in the event that Ritesh abuses her. Rakhi says she doesn’t shout out in light of the fact that she’s frightened of Ritesh leaving her. Salman advises her to release him. Salman cautions Ritesh to never rehash this conduct. Rakhi uncovers that Ritesh has taken steps to separate from her and she needs to secure her family and thus doesn’t shout out. Salman advises her to never think twice about such matters.

Salman then, at that point, shows clasps of Abhijit reviling at individuals, making systems and requesting a kiss from Devoleena. He gets some information about it. Everybody says it was innapropriate. Salman concurs and asks Devoleena for what reason she didn’t stand up previously. Shamita tells Devoleena should’ve defined a boundary before itself in the event that she knew what sort of individual he is and not draw in with him. Tejasswi tells it requires some investment for a lady to shout out or register something awkward for her. Salman tells both weren’t right and admonishes Abhijit for intersection his line and advises Devoleena to make some noise sometime later.

Salman tells Tejasswi consistently hauls an issue. In the house, Shamita advises Devoleena to shout out and Rakhi imparts her concerns to Shamita. Ritesh lets Shamita know that he doesn’t believe he’s fit to lead a family. Rakhi inquires as to whether he will leave her and he advises her to let him be. Govinda enters the stage and hits the dance floor with Salman and leaves. Remo D’Souza comes and lets the contenders know that they should move for an undertaking. Remo leaves in the wake of cooperating with the contenders.

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